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Goof Vermeulen
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Projects portfolio



Director: Victor Ponten (Habbekrats)

Art Direction: Goof Vermeulen

Bavaria Commercial

Bavaria Hollanddress Commercial

Director: Jelmar Hufen (Czar Jr)

Art Direction: Goof Vermeulen

Director: Andre Bouwman (Weareyours)

Post production: Addikt

Art Director: Goof Vermeulen



Belgium based soccer lottery

Director: Jelmar Hufen (Czar Jr)

Art Direction: Goof Vermeulen

Alfredo Gonzales

Worlds most inspiring socks.

Agency: 11AM

Art Direction: Goof Vermeulen


Finally the translated version including all the add-ons. 

Only viewable on vimeo Just one click away

Director: Floris Kingma (Czar)

Camera: Rutger Storm

Art Direction: Goof Vermeulen

LINE Indonesia

Line is a chat app on the mobile phone.

The punch line is something like: If you cant express your feelings throughout text then send an icon.


Mona Toetjes toeterrrr

Art direction Goof vermeulen

director Shariff Nasr


Art Direction Goof Vermeulen

Direction Patrick Louwerse

Praxis 35 Years

D.I.Y. Praxis exists 35 years.

Art Direction Genaro Rosato & Goof Vermeulen

i.o.v. Jelier & Schaaf


Graffiti & Murals

Check out some of graffiti work.

Illegal, legal and commercial

Graphic Design

A collection of logo's, moodboards, magazines, posters and flyers I made over the past couple of years.

Some for print some for props. Some good some bad..

Samsung s4 dualcam

Online viral for Samsung

Producer: Sara Nix Wefilm

Director: Martijn de Jong

D.O.P.: Daan Nieuwenhuijs

Art Director: Goof Vermeulen


Check out a collection of paitings i did over the last couple of years

Toko Bagus

Toko bagus is the online secondhand store in indonesia.

The punch line is If you have to much stuff sell it online.

The commercial was shot in Jakarta

All the sets were build

Director: Floris Kingsma

D.O.P.: Rutger Storm

Art Director: Goof Vermeulen

Tattoo machines prison style made

Free work. A search for beauty in functionality with limited supplies.

for sale at

NIKE Commercial

NIKE commercial tbv. WK Voetbal


Production design: Rikke Jelier ( Jelier en schaaf)

Art Director: Goof Vermeulen


NIKE Commercial

NIKE guerrilla action on the dam square in amsterdam.

Production design: Rikke Jelier (Jelier en Schaaf)

Art Direction: Edwin Kemper & Goof Vermeulen

Starring: Rob boeije, Goof Vermeulen, Joris van Weasbergen,

Wim breurs and others.



Chez Nous

For this Feature film directed by Tim Oliehoek i did all the graphic designs.

Production Designer: Wilbert van Dorp

Cinecrowd Bioscoop commercial

Produced by Suitcase Cinema

Director: Shariff Nasr

D.O.P: Remko Schnorr

Art director: Goof Vermeulen

Pearl commercial

Pearl commercial

Decoratie gOof Vermeulen 

i.o.v. Jelier & Schaaf


Toyota Prius "Plugg in"

Director: Andre Maat

Edit: Circus

Art director Goof Vermeulen

Toyota Prius Commercial

Director: Andre Maat

Edit: Circus

Art Direction: Goof Vermeulen

Lange Frans en Thé Lau

Director: Ivan Barbossa

D.O.P.: Eric Lor

Art Direction: gOOf Vermeulen

De Heineken Ontvoering

Feature film "De Heineken Ontvoering"

Director: Maarten Treurniet

Production Design: Wilbert van Dorp

Ass. Prod.: Design: Goof Vermeulen


Dorhout Mees

Directors: Nina Aaldering & Jacob van Rozelaar

Producer: Heisa films

D.O.P.: Bas Andries

Art Director: Goof Vermeulen

Feature film "Patatje Oorlog"

For the new family feature film directed by Nicole van Kilsdonk,  Production designed by Genaro Rosato, I designed and created the TheaterSet for the childerenshow Peter Pan. All made out of cardboard.

Albert Heijn Commercial

I created a cardboard dragon

Art direction: Genaro Rosato Jelier en Schaaf

Art project

140 different Designers are asked to make a image (30x30 cm) to a piece of music of their choice.

The book is gonna be called "140 hits in art"

I choose " Welcome to the Jungle" - Guns 'n Roses.

Thanks to: Jorix van Weasberge, Rob's Propshop, Olaf Schuur

More info @




PUMA Beamerman

In samenwerking met hebben we Beamerman gecreeerd.

Een guerilla actie voor een nieuwe schoen van Puma.

Beamerman is gespot in amsterdam, rotterdam, utrecht, eindhoven, antwerpen en haarlem.


Centrum Commercial

Production design: Jelier en schaaf

Setdesign & Typografie: Goof Vermeulen

KFC Commercial

Production design: Goof Vermeulen

production: Wearewill

director: Andre Maat

KPN Glasvezel

Worked on the maquettes. designed and Builded houses and painted trees.. Happy trees..

(Jelier en schaaf)

Mamma NPS Kort

Telefilm NPS Kort

Regie:Sanne Vogel & Beri Shalmashi

Camera: Jules van der Steenhoven

Production Design: Goof Vermeulen

De film werd genomineerd voor een gouden Kalf in de catogorie beste telefilm

De Staat videoclip

Art director: Goof Vermeulen

Director: Andre Maat

D.O.P.: Coen Stroeve

Production: Wearewill

Music videoclips

Check out some of the music video i worked on as Production Designer

Wakker dier Commercial

Art director: Goof Vermeulen

Director: Sharif Nasr

Production: Revolver

PUMA Helmet

Helmet design for special edition puma shoe